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United Kingdom
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Country, Rock
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guitar, vocals, bass
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Shakin Stevens, Dave Edmunds, Chuck Berry, Jeff Lynne, Status Quo
Dave Edmunds, Chuck Berry, Shakin Stevens, Jeff Lynne
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A few semi final places in UK songwrting contest
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publishing deal, just for fun
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701 days ago
Heart Made Of Stone

She wrote you a letter, said must you be so unkind
There’s no fool like an old fool or a fool who is blind
If someone tells you she loves you, you don’t make her wait
Give her your answer then and there don’t hesitate

Cause you should know better than to treat me like this
I said before I was unsure it was sort of a risk
So how could you keep me hanging, longing for you
And then her letter went on to share more how her love was true

But a heart made of stone never loves or breaks
A heart made of stone never admits it’s mistakes
But you’re always bound to be alone
When you’re the one with the heart made of stone

Well you may think you’re cool but you should open your eyes
Being cruel makes you a fool and as a rule it’s unwise
And no one’s laughing, the jokes on you her letter said
Still I think you might get a second chance from what I read
701 days ago
I lie awake and think of you
A conscious fantasy
And in my dream I make a picture
of how we're supposed to be
makes me feel so lonely

I lie awake and count the hours
Til I can get back home
And as I lay here my minds made up
When I get back I won't roam
Cause I love you only

And I just want to be beside you every night and day
And when I get back baby this time I’ll back to stay

I lie awake can't sleep a wink
Lonely nights take their toll
And I can't wait til I'm in your arms
Back to you is my only goal
Cause I love you only

There must be an end to all these sleepless nights
I’m so tired of laying here until the cold daylight
708 days ago