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Puerto La cruz, Venezuela
Daniel Dobles is a music producer born in puerto la cruz, Venezuela on October 27, 1994. He began to produce music at the age of 13 and he started to call himself Armonia push from the year 2015 when his first single called "First Journey" was released under the label "Bearskin Records" from there he was releasing other singles. Since 2017 he produces music for other independent artists specializing in the genres indie electronic, synth pop and similar, working with many different artists worldwide. "Armonia push means the full balance of the mind between the analytical and the creative, the spiritual and the intellectual, and any duality present in our personalities".
Songwriting Info
I am a:
Beat Producer
Looking for a:
Songwriter, Lyricist, Topline Writer
Preferred collaboration style:
video chat, email, cloud storage
Alternative, Dance, Electronic, Folk, Indie, Latino, World
I'm strongest at:
melodies, chord progressions, beats/grooves, arrangements
Instruments I write with:
piano, other
Madeon, Flume, Louis the Child
Songwriting is my:
planned career
Songwriting Achievements:
As a music producer my main goal is to create songs for singers, composers and songwriters who seek to differentiate themselves from other artists by breaking the gap of the common without losing the functionality of the song itself and its essence as an artist.
To achieve this I base my work on 3 pillars that I use as a producer for each project.

1 - Functionality: This refers to the capacity that the song has in being listened, danced or reproduced according to the idea or general vision, as we can know a song many times could be good it could have the strangest instruments and be recorded in the most expensive studios of the city but we all know that song that fulfills its function reaching where it should be and has a resounding success no matter how simple it may sound.

2 - Exclusivity and Authenticity: My vision as a producer is to be the one they look for because of how it sounds and not because of how it makes it sound similar to another one, I know it might seem anti-intuitive but we will never reach the top sounding like the ones who are already there so we must sound like ourselves and that requires taking risks and doing things that had not been heard before, the question we must ask ourselves is: how many of the legendary artists that we remember have gotten there sounding like the other artists of their time in some way have innovated in their field.

3 - Musical essence: Music has a small projection of the soul of the one who created it in the same way that it happens in the other arts in music we can hear those patterns that differentiate one artist from another.
Collaboration Goals:
mainstream artist release
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