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United States
primarily a lyricist. looking to work with others to better myself, my art, and hopefully write successful songs
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Songwriter, Lyricist
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Songwriter, Composer, Lyricist
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in person, email
Alternative, Country, Rock, Singer/Songwriter
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lyrics, melodies
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stones, foo fighters, Bernie Taupin, match box 20
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planned career
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sync contract with paramount songs
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to make a living writing songs for performing artists
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publishing deal, sync placement (film, TV, video games), mainstream artist release, niche/independent artist release
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has anyone heard or dealt with a company called paramount song? they have offered me several sync contracts but want me to pay to have my art included - they claim this is because they make no money if a deal is signed
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When Forever Is Over

She cuts herself but not too deep
Cause she wants the world to see her bleed
Then tells me that it’s all my fault
I guess I don’t fulfill her needs

She says she only speaks the truth
But her lies are the truths she hides
Except when she says she hates me
Which she tells me all the time

So I guess forever is over
My worlds crashing around me (b.u.vox)
And I just can’t stay sober
suffocating I’m drowning (b.u. vox)
Sometimes I wish I could still hold her
But alone I’m getting older
Just trying to keep my heart pounding

She kills the sheep she counts to sleep
Cause they won’t stay in the fence
While I lye in bed and try to dream
But when I do it don’t make sense

Now conversations are forced and hard
We try to vanquish our cheating thoughts
I just wanted her to believe in me
My mangled Gordian Knot


There’s a bullet with my name on it
But i’m not ready for the squeeze
In my head or in my heart
Standing up or on my knees

1966 days ago
when you stole my heart i loved you as a thief
when you vandalized my life i welcomed the relief
it was you i ran to
and it was my belief
that we would be forever after
despite this life being brief

i thought we'd be alright
and never loose that magic thing
i thought we'd stand the tests of time
bound by our rings
i never thought you'd make me change my mind
how could i be so damn blind

now the heart you stole would like to be returned
cause the life you vandalized has nothing left to burn
now it's you i run from
so sad how things turned
but i will love you after forever
i just have to wait my turn

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