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United States
I'm a high art teacher with a love of music and lyric writing. I've collaborated with many musicians over the years producing a wide array of music in various genres and styles. I've been fortunate to work with artists all over the world and look forward to developing additional partnerships and collaborations.
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Blues, Country, Folk, R&B/Soul
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no instrument
Jason Isbell, The Avett Brothers, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Crosby, Stills and Nash, Otis Redding, and Willie Nelson
Songwriting is my:
hobby, planned career
Songwriting Achievements:
I've collaborated with numerous artists on various songwriting projects, serving exclusively as a lyricist. Some of my titles include: Hats Off, Living In A Post War Dream, Two Dudes Dressed In Drag and Take Away My Keys. Hats Off was recorded at The Long View Recording Studio in North Brookfield, MA, where various artists, including The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, The J. Geils Band, and The Cars, have recorded over the years. Two of my songs, Two Dudes Dressed In Drag and Take Away My Keys, received Honorable Mention awards in The Billboard Songwriting Contest. Additionally, Two Dudes Dressed in drag was a finalist in the International Song Writing Competition.
Personal Songwriting Goals:
To establish additional songwriting partnerships and collaborations
Collaboration Goals:
sync placement (film, TV, video games), mainstream artist release, niche/independent artist release

You say you don’t care if we’re purple or green But I’m black and she’s brown so what does that mean? If you can’t see color than what can you see? Through those rose colored glasses when you’re looking at me   When evening gives way to the cover of night
William Simons · 15 days ago
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