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If you’re passionate about songwriting, open to the wonderful possibilities that come along with online collaboration, and willing to provide your feedback to help make SongwriterLink better, then you would make a perfect beta tester. Whether you’re looking to score a publishing deal or want to collaborate just for fun, SongwriterLink’s matching algorithm will pair you up with other songwriters who share your same goals and passion.

Since we’re in private beta right now, only people who sign up on this page will receive a beta tester invitation and gain exclusive access to SongwriterLink. Any changes made to the website are completely based on beta tester input, so once you join, you will have the opportunity to guide the direction that SongwriterLink takes based on what you want and need as a songwriter.

Our main goal is for SongwriterLink to be a genuinely useful tool for you, so let’s work together to make SongwriterLink exactly the way you want it to be.



Get your private beta tester invitation



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